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There are two types of lubricating oils. Conventional and Synthetic. There are differences, in both how they’re made, and how they perform. 

Most lubricant manufacturers produce both conventional and synthetic lubricants at various price points. 

In my experience, there are two types of lubricant buyers. Those who purchase based on the lowest cost (place price over value) and those who want superior performance, efficiency and protection and are willing to pay a bit more because they recognize value over low price. 

Before Deciding on the Brand of Oil You Want to Invest in.....Consider These Points

1.  Understand the benefits you receive by using AMSOIL products in your vehicles and equipment.Click Here to learn about the benefits of becoming an AMSOIL user. 

2.  Does the company that makes the brand of oil you’re currently using: 

     a.  Have a website as comprehensive as

     b.  Provide a product guide that shows you the specific products designed for your particular vehicle with information about how it protects your vehicle, how much it costs and a link to an online store where you can purchase it and have it delivered to your specific address? 

     c.  Provide performance testing reports about their products? 

     d.  Produce a blog discussing the advantages of their products as well as maintenance tips and other important industry information.

     e.  Provide you with a link to a program like the My AMSOIL Garage Free Maintenance Software that:
          1) Stores maintenance info for all your vehicles
          2) Delivers product recommendations
          3) Tracks oil and filter changes 
          4) Emails you maintenance reminders

    f. Offer customer support through your very own Customer Service Representative like me, to handle any questions about the products you’re using, or any maintenance issues related to them? 

Since You’ve Gotten This Far, What Do You Think?.....Is AMSOIL Right For You?

If so, the best option to become an AMSOIL customer with our Dealership depends on the following conditions.

1.  If you plan to spend more than $100 per year on AMSOIL products for your own vehicles or equipment choose the Preferred Customer Program 6 month trial with a registration fee of $10. This program allows you to buy all AMSOIL products at a savings of 25% below the normal retail price. 

                   a.  When the 6 month trial is over you can renew yearly at $20 per year after that. 
                   b.  You can also order from the AMSOIL online store and pay retail if you’re not interested in the Preferred Customer Program. You can do that from the online store link here. 
2.  If you own a business and want to use AMSOIL products in your vehicles and/or equipment register for the Commercial Wholesale Business Account.  There's no registration fee and no minimum purchase requirements for this program.
3.  If you own a business with a store front and want to sell AMSOIL at retail to your customers, or are an installer such as an auto service or oil change facility, register for the Retail Commercial Wholesale Account Program.  There’s no registration fee and no minimum purchase requirements for this program. 

4.  If you want to start a part or full time business as an AMSOIL Dealer  call me and we can determine the best program for you. 

Thanks for checking us out.
Call or text Thom at (931) 313-9252 or send an email to: [email protected]